Every year, millions of Americans survive critical illness; but despite the efforts of their ICU, many are left with ongoing problems. The current health care system often does not meet the needs of these survivors, or their families, during their weeks to years of recovery. SCCM seeks to improve patient and family support after critical illness through the THRIVE Initiative. 


Connect With Patients and Families
Connect with other ICU survivors, including former ICU patients and/or family members of ICU patients.

What to Expect Before and After Discharge
Learn what to expect with the physical and psychological aspects of recovery.

THRIVE: Redefining Recovery
Learn more about the THRIVE initiative and post-intensive care syndrome.

PATIENT and family Resources
Find resources to help patients and 
families THRIVE after the ICU. 

I Am A Healthcare Provider
Learn more about how to get involved with THRIVE initiatives.

Ask A Healthcare Provider
Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding ICUs.